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The Ultimate Destination for Medical Equipment

Winray is a major laboratory and medical equipment company in the UAE that serves the public and private healthcare sectors. Since its inception in 2022, Winray has established reliable relations with trustworthy medical equipment manufacturers and healthcare departments like hospitals throughout the nation. This medical equipment company in Dubai values the lives of every creature in the world and provides all the medical essentials required to support lives.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we routinely supply Laboratory, Medical and Surgical Equipment, Medical Consumables, and Disposables throughout the nation. We aspire to augment Winray as a dynamic medical equipment company in Dubai. Hence, we collaborate with highly innovative medical equipment manufacturers who meet the highest level of integrity and quality in their products. Winray is on a mission to exceed our services globally. We aspire to be the most credible medical equipment supplier in the UAE.


Our Mission

We strive to enhance the lives of every single soul by assisting in the advancements of medical and healthcare departments with reliable medical equipment.


Our Vision

We foresee ourselves as a renowned medical equipment company in Dubai that delivers the finest and most advanced medical and healthcare solutions to hospitals worldwide.

Addressing Healthcare

The Trustworthy Medical Equipment Company in Dubai

Winray delivers significant healthcare products with exceptional value at an affordable price to healthcare practitioners and end-users, enhancing patient care and making people’s lives better. The Healthcare system is evolving for both patients and healthcare professionals. Where others see barriers, Winray finds potential prospects. Our expert advice, innovative resources, exceptional healthcare products, and integrated systems provide optimal treatment for the patient population while also optimizing operation productivity and effectiveness.

Winray is a major medical equipment company in Dubai that offers high-quality medical and surgical products at a superior value throughout the Middle East. The desire for continuous quality improvement is vital. The diligent personnel are exploring ways to devise innovative products, minimise wastage and deliver the best for our customers, speedier and with enduring value.

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