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Lab Equipment Suppliers In UAE

Laboratory Equipment

We provide high-quality laboratory equipment to ensure accurate result generation and quality services. We are a renowned and trusted medical laboratory equipment supplier in UAE. We offer high-quality but affordable lab equipment to our customers in UAE Our products comply with the norms and regulations set by authoritative organizations such as ISO, WHO, FDA, etc.

Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Semi Chemistry Analyzer

Microplate Washer

Microplate Reader

Auto Elisa Processor

Coagulation Analyzer

Urine Analyzer

5-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer

Auto Hematology Analyzer

Blood Gas

Thermal Cycler

Auto Electrolyte Analyzer

Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

Low Speed Centrifuge

High Speed Centrifuge

Refrigerated Centrifuge


PRP Centrifuge

Mini Centrifuge

Laboratory Incubator

Co2 Incubator

Thermoelectric laboratory incubator

Dry Oven

Magnetic Stirrer

Water Bath Shaker

Blood Mixer


Portable Sterilizer

automatic sterilizer

Table Top Steam sterilizer/AUTOCLAVE

Biological Safety Cabinet

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

Table Top Steam sterilizer/AUTOCLAVE

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